ISO 9001 – The International Standard for Quality Management

Because we understand how important the quality of our products and our respect for the environment are to our customers and future generations, we have successfully implemented the International Management Standard into our organisational processes. The quality of our products and customer services are guaranteed by our quality management system in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.

The company was awarded the certificate after we had met the key requirements throughout the group for controls over all our work processes, including our use of natural resources and the safe handling of waste products.

One of our main priorities is to ensure continuous control over the quality assurance system at all stages, from production and finishing to customer feedback.

Our products are safe both for you and for the environment

Eskaro AS became the first paint production plant in Estonia to be awarded the EU Eco-label Flower.

In 1995 the European Commission set criteria that varnishes and paints for interior use have to meet in order to be awarded the EU Eco-label Flower.

The Eskaro plant in Estonia has met those criteria and proudly wears the Flower label. The EU’s Eco-label Flower is a symbol that informs customers that a product is safe for people who use it and for the environment. The right to use the eco-label is only granted after independent institutions have assessed whether the products meet the strict requirements for consumer quality and for environmental impact.

The prime requirement is that solvents should be used as little as possible and that no substances that are harmful for the environment or for human health are used in the production of the paint.

The entire life cycle of an eco-labeled paint demands an attitude of care towards the environment, starting from the extraction of raw materials, through production and sales, to the decision of the consumer over which product to choose.

The EU Eco-label Flower is a symbol of high quality and a careful attitude towards the environment. Trust the flower!

Additional information about the eco-label

European Union Eco-label

Some Eskaro products have been classified M1 for emissions, the safest class possible

There are three classes of intensity for the emission of volatile harmful substances from the surface when paint materials are used.

The M1 class is for products that do not emit volatile harmful substances into the air at all or emit them in very small or insignificant amounts.

Products that are classified as M2 emit fairly small quantities.

Materials from the M3 class have not been tested or have exceeded the emission level permitted for building materials.

Materials classed M1 are tested in independent accredited testing laboratories. All materials that are classified are tested for emissions of all volatile organic substances, formaldehydes, ammonia and carcinogenic substances. In addition, specialists conduct olfactory investigations of the materials’ smell. All tests are conducted four weeks after the painting. Materials that have the M1 label are the safest choice for people with allergies or those who suffer from respiratory diseases.