Eskaro’s flag on Mount Aragats

Once again, the friends of our company conquer new mountain heights. This time, they unfurled Eskaro’s flag at the highest point of modern Armenia: Mount Aragats (4090 m). This extinct volcano is an isolated mountain massif in the west of Armenia and the tallest mountain in Transcaucasia.

Our daring travellers – without any special mountaineering training yet with an unstoppable will to win and in spite of the winds and fog not uncommon on Mount Aragats – safely reached the summit on 25 July 2016. On the highest of the four peaks of Mount Aragats, the northern one, at an altitude of 4090 meters, a group of our like-minded people unfurled the ‘victory Banner’: Eskaro’s flag!

One of the participants in the expedition, Boris Prokofiev, shared his impressions with us:

“Despite the ascent’s ‘ease in mountaineering terms’, when it comes to the northern summit it is no walk in the park. First, because the trail leading up to it is blocked by a crater, which has to be crossed twice (on the way over and back). Furthermore, in locations like these travellers are prone to ‘mountain sickness’, yet our climb was a ‘blitz’, that is without any prior acclimatisation. But the achieved objective makes you forget all the difficulties and allows you to fully enjoy the grandeur and beauty of nature. In this case, the magnificent nature of ancient Armenia!”  

Mount Aragats, which our friends came to like a lot, allowed them to go all the way to the top and take Eskaro’s flag to the summit. Openness to change and have the courage to explore may broaden the horizons in your life. Eskaro’s flag on Mount Aragats is like a symbol of the objective of our company: we are ready to go boldly forward, to open and broaden new horizons. Once you have defined clearly your goals – mountains! Our thanks to Mount Aragats and to the participants in the expedition for the opportunity to visit this summit of legendary Armenia.

Eskaro is conquering heights! For four years in a row already, Eskaro’s group of like-minded people have been marching towards their goals, carrying their small victories, always reaching new heights and unfurling Eskaro’s flag on mountain tops!

Just a reminder: our friends completed the ascent to the summit of the majestic Mount Elbrus – highest point in Russia and Europe – on 2 August 2012 (eastern approach, 5621 m) and on 28 June 2013 (western approach, 5642 m) (http://boris-prok.livejournal.com/5881.html).

On 7 August 2013, they climbed Mount Belukha (eastern approach, 4506 m) – the highest point in the Altai Mountains (http://boris-prok.livejournal.com/6161.html).

They climbed the highest point in Greece, Mount Olympus (2917 m) on 14 June 2014 (http://boris-prok.livejournal.com/6614.html) and the second tallest volcano in Russia, Mount Kazbek (5033 m, North Ossetia) on 10 August in that same year (http://boris-prok.livejournal.com/6748.html).

On 22 February 2015, they reached the highest point in the Atlas Mountains and in Morocco, Mount Toubkal, at the height of 4167 m (http://boris-prok.livejournal.com/7136.html).