Eskaro Oy participated in TaitajaPLUS competition already for the second time

Visiting the Taitaja event is a great experience. The competition introduces future skilled persons and talents, says the managing director Tomi Trampuz. In the photo: Santeri Mahonen and Hannu Niemelä, who competed in the Taitaja2014 building maintenance class.

Eskaro Oy is a company operating in Vihti, manufacturing, selling and marketing paints, varnishes and ready-to-use putties. The company has participated in the TaitajaPLUS competitions in the building maintenance class already twice: in 2013 in Joensuu and this year in Lahti.

Eskaro Oy has given the prize money for the finals and also products of the company for Taitaja2014 competition tasks for the semi-finals as well as finals. Eskaro offers a wide range of products for consumers and professionals, for example water- and solvent based interior and exterior paints, transparent and covering wood protection products, wood oils, primers, undercoats and ready-to-use putties for almost all surfaces. 

Eskaro Oy has been operating in Finland for more than 30 years. The new owner changed the name TRK-Maalit Oy to Eskaro Oy in 2007. The company belongs to the international Eskaro Group AB that operates in five other countries: in Belarus, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, and Estonia. Besides Finland, Eskaro produces paints in Estonia, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.


Managing Director of the company Tomi Trampuz

Managing Director Tomi Trampuz tells why the company participates in the competition

Why is it important to participate in professional skills competitions for people with special needs?

The simple answer is training and work. Through training, people obtain knowledge, which improves possibilities in working life. The TaitajaPLUS competition provides those young people with the possibility to demonstrate their skills. They compete with other young people with the best professional skills. The companies will need skilled, motivated professionals from various fields of activity in the future.  

How does the company gain from cooperation with Taitaja?

Through cooperation with Taitaja, Eskaro Oy wants to increase publicity and its reputation as well as that of its products, for example among educational institutions. In addition, the message that we send by participating in the TaitajaPLUS competitions is important: equality of people and appreciation of diversity. At work places, there are very many different people and versatile talents and skilled persons that are needed. 

How could the cooperation turn out to be even more useful?

Cooperation with TaitajaPLUS representatives could continue between the competitions. Some ideas for example: student groups could visit the Eskaro Oy factory in Vihti, learning the production processes and use of products.

In what way is Eskaro Oy planning to participate in Taitaja in the future?

We hope that the cooperation will continue, surely on its current basis. On the other hand, we are curious to see what kind of new ideas and suggestions the organisers of TaitajaPLUS building maintenance competitions will offer.  

What kind of cooperation does or has Eskaro Oy arranged with other parties?

We are always eager to participate in different projects and consider this very important. The projects definitely increase publicity and the reputation of the company. Every year we support different local and national projects. During the past years, our cooperation partners and projects have been, among others, the local amateur theatre, village association, the traffic campaign for children, animal protection and several others. With each cooperation partner, we always develop a mutually beneficial cooperation model.