Life is full of colours!

Elite materials for professionals.

The mission of the Eskaro brand is to bring the joy of colour to our customers aesthetically and spiritually. Life is full of colours!
We will fill your life with all the colours of nature! We will help you to create your ideal environment for living and working and bring joy to your home!

The inseparable connection between people, nature and progress drives the concept of the Eskaro brand.

Nature gives us beauty, purity, and refreshment.
A contemporary style gives us focus, light and comfort.
The circle of life gives us personality, versatility and empathy.

Eskaro’s logo symbolises an opening flower.

The bud of a flower is a sign of the birth of a new beauty. The philosophy of the continuous renewal of life is borne within it. The graphic design of the logo emphasises the multi-dimensionality of life. Its simple form offers many openings for creative expression.

The elements of the design can be recombined into the symbols and concepts that lie behind the Eskaro brand.

  • Nature's four elements:

    Buds of a flower - Fire
    Leaf - Earth
    Butterfly - Air
    Fish - Water
  • The four optimistic colours and the change of seasons

    Green - Spring
    Red - Summer
    Yellow - Autumn
    Blue - Winter