Colours and emotions

Colours and emotions

We use colour to describe our world, to gain attention, and to transform our house into a home.

Colour is in all of us. Colour is an important part of our everyday life. Colour is everywhere in the world around us, bright and life-giving in the sky, the sea, plants, fabrics, paints…

Colours that we like can become a continuation of ourselves. A selection of the right colours brings harmony, peace and pleasure, filled with energy and vital force. But if there is a wrong note or a mix of dissonant colours, it can create stress and aggression and spoil our mood, and so we must add in the "right" colour to restore our power balance and inner harmony.

The right choice of colours can help you relax and make you feel optimistic and positive.

Colours affect us on many different levels, physical, emotional and intellectual, and today colour is used as a form of therapy.

Our company is constantly working to expand the range of colours available for tinting and to create ready-made solutions for interior design, so you can have the widest possible choice at the shortest possible notice.