Technology and advances

Colour Collections

The Eskarocolor tinting system allows you to add any of more than 15,000 colours to your varnishes and paints without changing any of their operational properties. Tinting of varnishes and paints can be done directly in the shop in the presence of the purchaser or to order for construction companies in our warehouse. The Eskarocolor electronic database contains formulas for colours from famous collections like RAL Classic, Natural Color System (NCS), Nova, Syntesis, and many others. With our modern high-precision equipment and high-quality concentrated pigment pastes, the formulas and symbols on the computer screen can be turned into the colour tones you have chosen in just a few minutes.

You can choose a colour from a colour stand or a book containing a set of colour samples so that you can select and see the colour of varnish or paint even before the tinting is done. Each colour sample has a unique code or name that corresponds to the formula for tinting in the database. Specialised software is used for storing and searching tinting formulas, and the formulas are designed to ensure the minimum consumption of colourants, keeping down the cost of tinting.

Tinting equipment and the service 

We use the most advanced measuring and mixing equipment from leading companies around the globe. The various machines we use operate in different ways, which allows us to have a flexible approach to suit different types of sales outlet and to equip small shops, construction hypermarkets or wholesale bases. It is also possible to connect a spectrophotometer and a label printer to the equipment.
Each company in the Eskaro Group has its own customer service, and if there are any technical problems we are always ready to help you promptly or give advice on matching colours, software or equipment.